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Hypertension/High Blood pressure

Did you know that, 1 out of every 3 adults s hypertensive? Did you know that most people can live for years unaware that they have this life threatening disorder? This is why, it's known as the "Silent killer". Just because some of us have never been diagnosed as...

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The Importance of Pro Plus

Do I have to add a 1/3 pro plus? The eat as much as you like plan only works, when you are mixing the two food groups together. This post hopefully will help all of you to understand to understand why Slim with Ease recommend a 1/3 pro plus with every meal. Take a...

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The lies about exercise

We always hear how beneficial exercise is for us. But is everything they say about exercise the truth or a Myth? Most of these myths are what we have had drummed into us over the years. This article will separate the truth about exercise from the Myths. 1. To lose...

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Benefits of losing 10% of your body weight.

By losing just 10% of our weight we can benefit from the following; 1. Better blood pressure 2. Healthier heart and lowered cholesterol levels 3. Decreased risk for diabetes 4. Enhanced sex life 5. Quality sleep at night 6. Less pain associated with arthritis, joint...

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Ways to love our heart

In addition to what we are already doing, here are a few more ways to love our heart. 1. Have a proper breakfast. Research has proven that those who eat a healthy breakfast have lower insulin, glucose and triglyceride levels during the day - which means a lower risk...

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Coping with premenstrual bloating.

There are several factors that interfere with our daily routine and can have adverse effects when we are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These factors are actually common among all of us but what makes us unique in our own ways is how we deal with it when...

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