all new members will be

Have a 1-2-1 phone chat with the CEO.
Be given a few days maximum a week to familiarise themselves with the plan.
By week 2 they will be expected to be submitting their weigh in results weekly.
They will be reminded alongside others to submit their weight, but if by week 4 of joining they have not submitted a single weigh in result – they will be removed from the program and their account deactivated.

You will not be given a refund.

The 1 month free subscription for referring a new member still stands for existing members, but only if they adhere to the aforementioned.

If any member leaves the program for a month and decides to return they must pay the subscription fee for the month they missed*
If any member leaves the program for more than a month and decides to return they will be classed as a new member and they will have to pay the full membership fee – currently 35k for the 1st free months.
** exempt if sick, religious purposes or any other reason SWE sees as a good reason.

Membership/renewal of subscription fees once paid are non refundable. In some circumstances such as; sickness, a bereavement, fasting, holidays etc membership can be deferred but never refunded.

It is advisable to submit your daily meal plan or complete the food journal online.
This helps us to adverts that, you are following the plan properly and also helps us to correct any errors that might be preventing your weight loss.
Submitting a meal plan also, helps new members who may be struggling on what to eat.

The key to successfully losing weigh on the SWE plan is planning ahead and this includes, planning your cons.
1. Cons will NOT be calculated over the weekend, so any cons you feel you may be indulging in and you are not sure of the values, please submit them by 6pm on Friday.
2. When requesting for con values you need to give me a 2-3 hour timeframe to get back to you with the results. Sometimes I get back immediately with the values sometimes I may need time as I may be unavailable or driving. (unless I am not available – I normally give you at least 24 hours notice).
3. There has to be a cut off point for calculating of cons for the day and this is where planning ahead comes into play.
So for anything you want to eat on the day you must send the request for cons by 6pm.
1pm (USA).
4. We will not be calculating cons if;
You have not submitted your weight for the week and
Submitted your meal plan for the day you are requesting the cons.

Everybody is expected to weigh in and submit their results on Monday – preferably online or send directly to me via Whatsapp.
Tuesday is the cut off point for accepting weigh in results for the week, unless the last day of the month is the Monday.

Will be announced anytime between Wednesday and Sunday
The SOW must have submitted their weigh in for at least 2 consecutive weeks.

Will be announced anytime between the last day of the month and the 1st week of the month.
The SOM must have submitted their weigh in results at least 3 times in the month and adhered to the aforementioned.

50% subscription for life for target members as long as they remain within target with a +1kg or -1kg
1 free month subscription for every signed up referral – as long as they adhere to the rules above.
1 free months subscription for the SOM plus profile on website
1 free month subscription for recipes and pictures for the website.
Free subscription for winner(s) of various challenges
Choice of goodie bags/free subscription for recipient of cargo.

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