” I had my son 12yrs ago and only got married 3 yrs ago when I turned 40.
My son is not my husband’s child.
I got pregnant in the first year of marriage and had a miscarriage 8wks after and my period took 6months to return, they had to even force my system to return to normal.
It has been one story after the other since then.
Earlier this year, I went to a fertility clinic and was told my only option was to use donor eggs, however, I did another about 4 months ago and the last of all the tests last month and the story now is – though my AMH is still low, my FSH is normal as well as all other hormones.
This was FSH that was too high and AMH too low verdict.
My dr also commended my weight loss effort and advised that I keep at it as it will help us get a better result with IVF.
I am grateful that you shared your story or else, I may have continued doing the wrong things as I was doing before.
Grateful for this platform (Slim with ease) that helps to keep me in check.
God bless you and all the wonderful members that post their inspiring meals that give us ideas on what to do” (Anonymous, PHC)