Every month Slim with Ease will be announcing the Star of the Month. The Star of the month is the person who has lost the most weight in the whole month.

This months Star of the Month is:


Inbriyai Spiff is a Medical Doctor and this month she has lost a total of 3.1kg, which is the highest weight loss in the month of January.

Read what she has to say:

“The Slim with Ease plan is a plan that teaches us about our relationship with food allowing you to have control over food and not the other way around. You know when to eat and what to eat and most especially why you are eating. If the plan is followed properly the weight will drop.

I have always been a “healthy eater” but the weight has always refused to drop off. But since I started with the Slim with Ease plan the weight has been dropping consistenlty. My advice to anyone who signs up is to stick with the plan and follow it religiously and you will be happy you did”. (Dr Inabriayi Spiff)

Inabriyai Spiff has been on the Slim with Ease plan since November 2014 and has lost a total of 7kg so far.

If Inabriyai Spiff can do it, then so can you, sign up to the Slim with Ease plan today and join in this revolutionary healthy eating plan, that not only aids weight loss but also helps lower cholesterol, high blood pressure and normalize blood sugar.